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We help organisations to understand and realise the vital role of leadership strategy in enabling organisational change and growth, from the 'inside-out' and 'outside-in'.


With a clear focus on future goals and objectives, we work with senior management teams to ensure clarity and alignment between organisational strategy and leadership ability. Our starting point is the leaders themselves: empowering them to build relationships and influence employee behaviour for the benefit of their customers.

Why talk to us?


Our team are hands-on practitioners first and consultants second and we do this day in and day out.

What this means for our clients is that they get the best of the experience that comes from having delivered tangible solutions across private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and the peace of mind of knowing that we understand the challenges senior managers face within each sector and the nuances that makes each distinct.

It's from this experience that we focus our offer across three aspects. We know that these are the areas that matter and have really made a difference to each client that we have worked with in the past, and will do to those that we look forward to working with in the future.  

We have designed a unique model for developing an organisational Leadership Brand. The Customer-defined Leadership™ model is based on the principle that leaders must have the ability to build relationships and influence employee behaviour for the benefit of their customers. A powerful Leadership Brand articulated compellingly can make a huge difference to sustainability and growth.

Other leading-edge tools include our Organisational Base Building™ model for sustainable organisational development, an innovative real-time style of coaching called Situational Shadow Coaching™   and Organisational Collective Coaching™ , a new collective approach that makes this type of development tool available to those at more junior levels who may not normally get the opportunity for this type of interaction. Click on the links to find out more.




The following pages will give you a snapshot of who we are and what we can do. The true test however will be to meet us in person, so feel free to contact us for an informal chat and put our approach to the test.

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