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Leadership Branding - Customer-defined Leadership™
What is Leadership Branding?

Leadership Branding is based on the principle that every contact an employee has with a customer either reinforces or undermines the organisation's image. If a brand is "the essence or promise that will be delivered to or experienced by your customer", the leadership brand is about the leadership behaviours that will drive this.

How does it work?

It works on the premise that leadership behaviour impacts employee behaviour, which in turn impacts your customers' perceptions and experience... and therefore, the success and growth of the business.

Our Customer-defined Leadership™ model consists of a five-stage process to develop an organisation's leadership brand and identify the behaviours which will bring it to life.

How can I find out more?

Contact us for a discussion about developing a leadership brand for your organisation.



Leadership development

There are many definitions of what constitutes leadership. Definitions aside, leadership focuses on the most important resource - people. It is the process of developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people and gaining their commitment and engagement.

At Ipso Consulting, we believe that it is fundamentally about senior managers understanding their role and having the ability to build relationships and influence employee behaviour for the benefit of their customers.

What we offer

  • Leadership profiling using psychometric tools
  • MBTI-based team development at senior level
  • Structured leadership development programmes – organisational, team or individual
  • Interactive, scenarios-based workshops based on a 'critical incident' approach tailored to the organisation and designed for the Senior Management Team to attend as a team
  • A leadership 'tool-box' of focused workshops covering core areas such as Self Awareness/Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Skills, Managing Conflict, Performance Management and Developing Others



Situational Shadow Coaching™

Situational Shadow Coaching™

Situational Shadow Coaching™ is a unique approach to coaching in that it enables on-the-spot coaching and rapid feedback to take place on live situations, as and when they happen, during the course of the working day.

It is designed for senior managers who are responsible for the management of two or more teams. It focuses on developing their ability to lead, empower and motivate the managers of those teams - all of which is a critical part of organisational success.

Situational Shadow Coaching™ can be used as a stand-alone development tool, however, we utilise this as an integral part of our approach to organisational development. Your shadow coach will observe you in action in real-time, and work with you at pre-agreed and appropriate opportunities, for example, whilst travelling between meetings.


How can Situational Shadow Coaching™ help?

It is often the everyday stresses of work that prevent individuals' from seeing through 'interference' - the day-to-day operational issues. One of our Coach's main tasks will be to assist you in seeing through this 'interference' and help you to focus on delivering key objectives.

Areas that individuals' get real benefit from Coaching include:

  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Delegation
  • Change management
  • Conflict



Individual and team development

The true test of an organisation and its senior managers is how effectively the people within that organisation work together to achieve its objectives, whether this is within a physical, matrix or a virtual team environment – in many organisations it is a combination of all.

The challenge for any manager, either individually, or as part of a management team, is to get the best out of people by engaging and motivating and there a number of skills that are the building blocks for doing this.

What we offer

  • Tailored Management Development Programmes
  • MBTI-based individual and/or team development
  • Developing more creative and innovative approaches
  • Managing organisational change (dealing with conflict/resistance to change)
  • Managing team performance more effectively (delegation, motivational skills)



    Organisational Collective Coaching™

    Organisational Collective Coaching™ (OCC) is a new flexible approach to coaching that is capable of extending to the wider organisation. OCC is about staff engagement - it makes coaching available to a large number of employees who may otherwise not get access to this type of personal development tool.

    It is designed to enable senior leaders to make coaching available as a collective, to either individuals or teams, at all levels within the organisation  to encourage more effective team working and tackling unresolved issues.

    Organisational Collective Coaching™ takes the popular 'management by walking about' (MBWA) concept to another level. It's success is clearly reliant on the skill, knowledge, experience, understanding, tact and diplomacy of the coach.





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