There are many definitions of what constitutes leadership. Definitions aside, leadership focuses on the most important resource - people. It is the process of developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people and gaining their commitment and engagement.

At Ipso Consulting, we believe that it is fundamentally about senior managers understanding their role and having the ability to build relationships and influence employee behaviour for the benefit of their customers.

What we offer

  • Leadership profiling using psychometric tools
  • MBTI-based team development at senior level
  • Structured leadership development programmes – organisational, team or individual
  • Interactive, scenarios-based workshops based on a 'critical incident' approach tailored to the organisation and designed for the Senior Management Team to attend as a team
  • A leadership 'tool-box' of focused workshops covering core areas such as Self Awareness/Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Skills, Managing Conflict, Performance Management and Developing Others



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