Although many use the phrase 'performance management' solely in relation to the appraisal process, it is in fact much broader. Performance management is the holistic and continuous process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams to achieve a high level of organisational performance.

The most effective performance management processes are characterised by:

  • consistent use throughout the organisation
  • senior management involvement
  • staff involvement and
  • clear links to organisational strategy

Critical to its success is absolute clarity over what is meant by 'performance' and an understanding of where the organisation needs to be and the part that each individual within the organisation plays to achieving this vision. As such, line managers play a key role in the implementation and effectiveness of performance management.

What we offer:

  • A diagnostic/review process to identify and understand the issues and challenges
  • Design/implementation of performance management frameworks
  • Tailored management training around performance management
  • Specifc workshops eg. dealing with conflict, self awareness/emotional intelligence, delegation skills



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